Starting up

Transnational Radio Encounters is starting its activities with a number of international presentations of its goals and plans. Per Jauert and Golo Föllmer, both Principal Investigators in TRE, visited Tampere in Finnland to hold talks on the history of radio in the light of Finnland's 90-years-of-radio commemoration on November 1st 2013. At the LARM Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, all Principal Investigators plus a number of Project Members and Contributors will attend several panels touching on the issues at stake in TRE, while a whole panel will be dedicated to Transnational Radio Encounters itself. January 2014 will see the launch of TRE's podcast series, reporting on topics, events and people involved in the research as well as the knowledge exchange practiced here. March 2014 will for the first time bring all people involved in TRE together in one place: The headquarters of the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva, Switzerland. TRE will hold its first interdisciplinary workshop there, bringing scholars and practitioners together in order to discuss infrastructural changes evoked by the ongoing digitization of radio. More details soon.