TRE Workshop: Infrastructures and Public Spheres

The first workshop of the TRE group is focused around the theme of »Transnational Infrastructures and Public Spheres« and explores the multiple ways that radio’s technical and institutional structures configure, address and involve their publics. A central issue is how transnational mediascapes, changing technologies and new ideas of public participation have shaped the notion of ‘public service’ from its emergence in the 1920s through to the challenges of the future. These issues will be explored through knowledge exchange with experts from the European Broadcasting Union, as well as through artistic experimentation together with the Ars Acoustica Group.

Besides looking at the transformation of the medium, special attention will also be paid to the infrastructures of access to the past. This will include the CHAOS audio archive platform which will be further developed for the TRE project, alongside other models, platforms and challenges of  access to past material of transnational scope.

Latest activities for this project:

(Thursday, April 10, 2014 - 14:04)

TRE successfully held its first workshop from March 13 to March 15 in the beautiful city of Geneva. We were glad to be hosted by the European Broadcasting Union, as the core theme of the workshop was "Infrastructures and public spheres". The EBU has a history in being a key part of organizing transnational broadcasting for the last several decades.